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I Create Art



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Designed for ages 10 & older, who are looking for new challenges in art. As you explore a variety of mediums, instructors discuss techniques & importance of independence in your work. Students should have an understanding of the fundamentals of art and have reached a level of independence in their skills. Reaching new levels of expression, makes this art box for kids & adults, creative & fun. With a large amount of project sets, we ensure you will not repeat any lessons.

Please Note: After you complete your first box, we have several more sets available without duplicating any lessons. Contact us on how to order additional sets after completing your first box.

What Your I Create Art Box Includes:
  • 48 lessons (Plan for 1 per week, lasting 12 months)
  • Quality Materials
  • Instructional Videos
  • Educational resources
  • Free Carry Case.
  • Additional Sets Available Upon Request
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