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I Create Art is an approved vendor for KEEP and OH Educational Grant Awards!


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KEEP Grant Award

I Create Art is a KEEP Grant Award preferred and certified vendor. Parents can shop for hundreds of art kits and art supplies at low prices. Submit your quote with ease and soon your child will have plenty of creative, fun & educational art products!

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Summer Camper Art Kit For All Ages

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Prices shown incorporate a discount from the MSRP.  For further discounts, Request A Quote or complete a Discount Request form. (For Schools and organizations only. Not applicable to KEEP Grants).

Upon quote acceptance, orders are processed within 5 business days, depending on our current inventory. Orders are shipped complete and we will advise of back order status. 

We accept purchase orders from bid awards, EANS programs and I Create Art is an authorized Class Wallet vendor, along with KEEP and OH ACE Educational Grant Awards. Submit a PO directly to us and please reference any organization or bid award.

Pricing is for schools, organizations or group orders only and we may require tax id/proof of business before shipment.

  • DISCLAIMER: In the current market environment, prices are fluctuating constantly. We reserve the right to change prices accordingly and will notify you of any incorrect prices affecting orders or to cancel any order with incorrect pricing.

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We strive to carry most major art brands and a few unique and obscure ones, too!

Type in the vendor name you are searching for. We carry many vendors and sometimes they may have a sub heading within their brand . Spelling counts, so try to be accurate. If you are having trouble just contact us and we can point you in the right direction.

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    Finding products can be done in a number of ways. 

    Knowing the vendor and/or product you are searching for will help. With as many products as we stock, it is hard to have every descriptions listed on the site. Spelling counts, so try to be accurate.

    Use the header tabs to:

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    By carrying a lot of products, our list is plentiful. If you are having trouble, just email us and we can point you in the right direction.

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