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Scissor (Precision Trimmer)

Scissor (Precision Trimmer)

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Hygloss Products Armada Precision Straight Trimmer Scissors

Comfortable Handles, Stainless Steel Blades. For teens through adults. Available in 3 sizes available. Perfect for arts and crafts projects.

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A great high-quality, heavy-gauge shear to use for a variety of projects. These scissors feature hardened and tempered stainless steel long blades for a longer lasting cutting edge, and durable ABS plastic handles.

Precision Cut Scissors have been designed for clean and precise cuts. A great high-quality, heavy-gauge shear to use for a variety of projects. The scissors are fitted with durable ABS plastic handles that provide a comfortable hand grip and greater control while performing your task for an extended period of use. The large loop handles make them ideal for most sizes of hands. These scissors have long stainless steel blades that have been hardened and tempered for a longer-lasting edge and improved cutting performance, delivering durability, sharpness, and detailed cuts with every use. Precision scissors have been made to accommodate both right-handed and left-handed users, but are better suited for righties. These scissors are every teacher’s favorite, but they are also ideal for arts and crafts projects, home, and office.

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