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Crayola Clicks Retractable Marker

Crayola Clicks Retractable Marker

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Crayola Retractable Markers - 2 Styles to Choose. Bold & Bright or Classic Colors. 10 Markers In Each Pack, Assorted Colors.
  • Classic Color Set: Black, Brown, Green, Turquoise Surf, Blue, Violet, Magenta, Red, Orange & Marigold
  • Bold & Bright Color Set: Primrose, Wild Orchard,Raspberry, Peach, Golden Yellow, Indigo, Blue Lagoon, Teal, Emerald & Kiwi
Dive into a world where creativity and color reign supreme with Crayola Clicks Retractable Markers! These no-cap heroes burst open new possibilities with simply a click. Designed to resist drying out, there are no limits to creating magical worlds, outlandish creatures, or simply enhancing homework assignments. Each marker flashes their colors, ready to add a dash of zest to any piece of paper daring to be ordinary.

Skim the rainbow possibilities with 10 different shades, perfect for any project, from school to crafts, and everything in between. Don't be shy about laying the colors thick; the conical tips make it possible to create lines as bold or as whisper-thin as your imagination desires. And the best part? They're travel-friendly. Whether it's a road trip or just a quick doodle in the car, these markers are designed to be your on-the-go art companions. 
  • The Click's washable ink lets parents and educators rest easy as each marker washes easily from skin and most washable clothing.
  • Safe and non-toxic, perfect for every Picasso-in-the-making, aged 5 & up.
  • Make them a school supply staple or couple them with giant coloring pages or activity books (sold separately) for a next-level art experience.
  • With Crayola Clicks Retractable Markers, the whole world is your canvas—so, grab hold and color your day exciting!

CAP-TIVATING MARKERS: Wave farewell to the days of losing caps and dealing with dried-out markers! Our magical Clicks Retractable Markers come equipped with a unique ink designed to resist drying out, ensuring that every creative session stays lively and fun-filled!

WASHABLE MARKERS: Paint the town red (and every other color!) without the pesky aftermath. Our phenomenal Clicks' washable marker ink removes effortlessly from skin and most washable clothing, transforming post-playtime cleanup into a cakewalk.

VIBRANT VARIETY: Prepare to be dazzled by a splendid set of 10 Bold & Bright colors, perfect for all sorts of creative projects. Marvel at the magnificent hues and dive into a kaleidoscope of possibilities for school endeavors, imaginative crafts, and inspired homework assignments.

FUN SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Add a pop of color to your school day! Clicks Retractable Markers are the perfect sidekicks for all your academic adventures. Reliable, vibrant, and bursting with fun, these markers turn school projects into masterpieces and everyday lessons into extraordinary experiences. Transform your school supply list into a canvas of creativity with Crayola!

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